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Tag: Optimization


Research Focus
  • Distributed and cloud computing
  • Computer networking
  • Cyber security

Research Focus
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Alternative geometric designs
  • Traffic modeling and simulation

Research Focus
  • Guidance and control of aerospace vehicles
  • Orbital mechanics
  • Optimal control and estimation

Research Focus
  • Machine design; Mechanical spring and valve train dynamics
  • Adsorbent natural gas process and equipment
  • High-pressure/high-temperature manufacturing

Research Focus
  • Computer-aided design
  • Computational biology
  • Programming language

Research Focus
  • Failure time data modeling and analysis
  • Optimal experimental design
  • Statistical learning and data mining

Research Focus
  • Mobile and distributed computing
  • Bioinformatics
  • Artificial intelligence

Research Focus
  • Guidance, Control, and Estimation of Aerospace Vehicles
  • Flight Mechanics
  • Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Dynamic Systems