Engineers explore student organizations at New Student BBQ

August 27, 2021

Students at New Student BBQ talking

A member of the 3D printing club (right) talks with an Engineering student about the club.

The Mizzou Engineering Student Council (MESC) welcomed new and returning students to Mizzou Engineering as it hosted the annual New Student BBQ on Thursday, Aug. 26.

Although it began to rain shortly after the start of the event at Peace Park, those in attendance adapted quickly to the circumstances and moved the entire event into Lafferre Hall for the remainder of the evening.

Students looking to match their interests with an Engineering student group were able to meet with more than 30 student organizations. The organizations engaged attendees by sharing information about upcoming meetings and events, while some clubs were able to showcase items built by the organization themselves.

“We attended this event to let students know about our club’s possibilities,” Chadwick Bettale, president of the 3D Printing Club, said. “Students can be part of our Beginner’s Group if they have little or no experience in 3D printing and we will help them become familiar with the technology.”

The main goal for the club this year, according to Bettale, is to expand upon the 3D Mizzou campus map on the north side of Jesse Hall to further help visually impaired students.

New and returning students met with student competition teams, departmental student chapters of national organizations and general interest student groups. They also enjoyed a meal provided by MESC, while Honeywell sponsored the event.

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