Mizzou engineering student council

Mizzou Engineering Student Council hosts BBQ for new students

Getting Involved: Mizzou Engineering Student Council Hosts BBQ for New Students and Student Organizations

This year’s New Student BBQ at Peace Park attracted a large crowd, thanks to the work of the Mizzou Engineering Student Council (MESC).


Mizzou experiences at the core of preparing Jackson for job at Apple

When she first came to Mizzou, Riley Jackson had never met an engineer. After she graduates on Friday, she’s headed to Apple where she’ll lead a team of engineers as a project manager in new product introduction. What a difference four years make.

Students at New Student BBQ talking

Engineers explore student organizations at New Student BBQ

This annual event gives students the opportunity to engage with Engineering student groups.

graphic of Mizzou Engineering Involvement Night

Mizzou Engineers Come Together for Involvement Night

In place of the traditional New Student BBQ, Mizzou Engineering Student Council hosted a virtual Involvement Night to showcase student organizations and services for incoming Mizzou Engineers.

Two women stand in front of a snowy field with mountains in the background.

Mizzou Engineering Student Council lands key first-time achievement

Mizzou Engineering’s top Pillar of Pursuit — Educating Engineering Leaders — manifests itself in a multitude of ways. One way our students get world-class leadership skills is through the Mizzou Engineering Student Council (MESC), and two of its members recently built upon that foundation at the National Association of Engineering Student Councils’ (NAESC) Engineering Leadership Summit at Colorado State University.