Mizzou Engineering organizations take home three Student Involvement Awards 

June 03, 2024

Students at Mizzou Engineering are making sure they not only have the best college experiences for themselves but are also making the college community stronger for future students as well. This year, three engineering student organizations received University of Missouri Student Involvement Awards for their efforts to improve the engineering student experience.

Mizzou Engineering Student Council (MESC) receives Inclusivity Development Award 

Roger Fales, Elly Smith and Jordyn Lodes | MESC Student Involvement Awards Winners

The Inclusivity Development Award is given to the recognized student organization/university program that has worked to continually promote inclusivity through programming and membership development. 

“One of MESC’s core functions is to support and grow inclusion within the College of Engineering,” Elly Smith, 2023-24 MESC president, said. “We have done so through appointing two positions, the director of inclusion, diversity and equity (IDE) and vice president of IDE. These two positions play a key role in orchestrating events such as the Lunar New Year Celebration and Women’s History Month Ice Cream Social, in partnership with identity-based organizations. I firmly believe MESC received this award due to our commitment to making a welcoming space within the College of Engineering.” 

Smith says that the group was honored to receive this award. Jordyn Lodes, MESC president for the 2024-25 academic year, echoed Smith’s sentiments.  

“Receiving this award is incredibly meaningful to us, especially given the strong competition from all the outstanding organizations across campus,” she said. “It validates our dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion and serves as a reminder of the impact our efforts have on our community. This recognition is also a source of inspiration, motivating us to continue to work hard and create a positive impact.” 

Lodes also says she’s excited for what the next year brings for MESC. 

“With a brand-new leadership team set for the upcoming year, MESC has an exciting future ahead,” Lodes said. “Our goals include maintaining our commitment to IDE and enhancing professional development. We’re excited about the possibility of planning more college-wide events, aiming to create positive experiences for all engineers. We can’t wait to kick off next school year with the New Student BBQ this fall.”

MissouriHacks awarded Outstanding Academic/Educational Program of the Year

MissouriHacks Student Involvement Awards Winners

The Outstanding Academic/Educational Program of the Year Award is given to a student-audience program focused on a specific discipline or topic to further knowledge in that area and encourage dialogue and learning among attendees.  

Hosted by the Student Organization for the Advancement of Research Education, MissouriHacks welcomed 50 high school students to campus for a coding competition and lectures by University of Missouri faculty. Interim Dean Praveen Edara was the Keynote Speaker. 

Learn more about MissouriHacks

Mizzou AeroTigers receives New Group of the Year Award 

AeroTigers Student Involvement Awards Winners

The New Group of the Year Award is given to one student organization/university program established for less than two years that demonstrates fulfillment of its mission and campus and community involvement. 

“I believe that we fulfilled our mission excellently this year—shown by our second out of 149 placing in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Design/Build/Fly design proposal and our 10th out of 107 placing in the AIAA DBF design report,” Graham Bond, Mizzou AeroTigers president, said. “We have been able to compete effectively against the best aerospace engineering programs in the world in just our second year as a recognized organization. We also doubled our membership, took part in several community outreach events and continued to set our organization up well for the future.” 

Bond says that the group is thankful to receive this award and is already looking forward to next year. 

“This award proves that our organization is on the right track for the future, and I am incredibly thankful that we received it,” he said. “This award also shows our organization to a wider audience, showcasing our students’ excellence and their interest in aeronautical engineering. We are in the process of expanding our build space and upgrading our facilities. We also plan to work with a local radio controlled (RC) pilots club to train new students in the hobby and we plan to come back better than ever for next year’s Design, Build, Fly competition.” 

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