Mizzou researcher develops next-generation hydrogen sensors

A new University of Missouri researcher is developing next-generation sensors that could be key to using hydrogen as a clean energy source in the future.

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Reaching new heights: Chandrasekhar earns degree in mechanical engineering

Ajay Chandrasekhar is building upon his family’s Mizzou legacy. Both of his parents work in the biological sciences division of the College of Arts and Science. And now, he is graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in aerospace engineering from Mizzou.

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Making memories in and outside the classroom: Dierker earns degree in industrial engineering

For Jude Dierker, being a Tiger means embodying honesty, hard work and perseverance. He says that while attending school here, he was surrounded by many great people who helped to instill those qualities within him.


An electrifying experience: Higgins earns degree in electrical engineering

Hayden Higgins didn’t always want to become an electrical engineer. Captivated by the endless ways electrical engineering touches every bit of technology, Higgins changed course from pre-medicine to a double major in electrical engineering and physics.

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Developing a bold mindset: Deal earns degree in computer science

Logan Deal has spent his time at Mizzou Engineering getting involved in everything from undergraduate research to entrepreneurship. In the lab, he investigated artificial intelligence and neuroscience, and in industry his network with local entrepreneurs led him to an internship after a surprise meeting at the grocery store. Deal says he has enjoyed his time…

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Ready for the future: Hill earns degree in computer engineering

Aleesa Hill took a childhood love for the TV show “BattleBots” and plans to turn it into a career. She says the show is what got her interested in robotics, and after getting involved in high school FIRST Robotics she knew she wanted to pursue engineering.

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Building a career with hands-on experience: Lofgren earns civil engineering degree

Ryan Lofgren, an Iowa native, first toured Mizzou as a rising junior in high school and fell in love with the character of campus. After going on various other visits in the year that followed, he says nothing quite compared to his experience at MU. So, he followed his gut and could not be happier with that decision.

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An aptitude for leadership: Kemm earns degree in chemical engineering

A first-generation student from a small town in Southwest Missouri, Ashley Kemm is proud to be a Tiger. She grew up coming to Mizzou and fell in love with campus. And while here, she says she’s never felt unsupported thanks to the Tiger community.


The perfect mix of engineering and medicine: Forck earns biomedical engineering degree

Nate Forck says he’s proud to be a Tiger because of the people he works with and sees every day. His favorite Mizzou Engineering memory is hanging out with his classmates after thermodynamics exams. And his favorite parts about biomedical engineering is the variety of tech electives and the enthusiastic professors who teach them.

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“The best decision I ever made:” Patel earns degree in biological engineering

Zara Patel didn’t think she would find herself at Mizzou, but after four years on campus she says attending school here was the best decision she’d ever made.