150th Anniversary News - Mizzou Engineering

150 Years of Mizzou Engineering


Old Lafferre Hall

From the first engineering course west of the Mississippi to a wartime reshuffling, Mizzou Engineering got its start more than 150 years ago.

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The Edison Dynamo on display in Naka Hall.

From electric ideas to a tragic fire, Mizzou Engineering surged ahead into the 20th Century.

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Dome Lighting

Engineers’ Week, the annual celebration of St. Patrick the engineer, is a significant marker of Mizzou Engineering’s 150-year history. Now celebrated at colleges across the country, the event originated in 1903 at the University of Missouri.

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As the nation was progressing at the turn of the century — with both rural Americans and millions of immigrants flocking to sprawling urban areas seeking opportunities — so, too, was the College of Engineering.

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Mizzou Engineering – like the rest of the country – was feeling the impact of world war in 1917.

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The first group of group of women trained to be radio technicians in a “Pre-Service Training Course” in 1943.

Even in the Great Depression, Mizzou Engineering kept up with new technologies. Plus, another world war creates challenges and opportunities at the College.

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