EECS Grad Student Testimonials

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Anup Mishra

The impactful research projects at the CERT lab and the presence of a multidisciplinary health care research ecosystem at Mizzou were the primary reasons why I chose Mizzou for my graduate program. Also, the beautiful campus, the presence of a strong international student population, and the historic traditions at Mizzou were some of the other reasons why Mizzou was on top of my list.

eecs featured

Bryce Murray

One of my proudest accomplishments was aiding Dr. Anderson in building out the MINDFUL lab which now includes a fleet of drones, and almost every modality of sensor imaginable.

Yang Liu

Yang Liu

Mizzou is ranked as a top university and focuses on leading research. In computer science, there are many experienced professors who are performing cutting-edge research, which really aligns with my interest to conduct leading research.

Portrait: Zhaoyu Li

Zhaoyu Li

Mizzou Engineering "is the right place for me to continue my graduate study to hone my skills and get chances to make contributions in the real world."

Portrait: Ke Gao

Ke Gao

"I chose Mizzou because it is a highly rated public school, and it has one of the best engineering schools in Midwest. More importantly, Mizzou has a good track record of supporting their international students, both in and outside of the classroom."

Portrait: Danlu Liu

Danlu Liu

I like Mizzou’s four values: Respect, Responsibility, Discovery and Excellence. Columbia is a small town suitable for study and research.

Portrait: Samira Shamsir

Samira Shamsir

"The opportunities to work with some of the leading researchers in the world have motivated me to pursue my graduate study at this university. I strongly believe that this great opportunity will endow me a chance to hone my skills and help me to contribute significantly to the rapidly developing field of nanotechnology."

Portrait: Samaikya Valluripally

Samaikya Valluripally

"With the continuous encouragement and esteemed guidance from my thesis advisor Dr. Calyam, I accomplished nine publications in several top-tier journals and conferences. Due to this, I got the opportunity to attend several top-tier conferences to present my papers and to discuss my research work."

Portrait: Yu Li

Yu Li

"I am really lucky that my research program allows me to collaborate with many extremely talented researchers not only in computer science and informatics, but also in psychology, radiology and pathology."

Ben Latimer

Ben Latimer

'I chose Mizzou because my research interest is in Computational Neuroscience'