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Certificate in Industry 4.0

Prepare for an evolving manufacturing landscape with an undergraduate certificate in Industry 4.0. The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering will launch the certificate in Fall 2024.

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Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology

Engineering technology focuses on the development, design and implementation of engineering and technological solutions in areas such as manufacturing, construction and product development. The engineering technology program emphasizes hands-on application and implementation.

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Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering focuses on developing solutions to improve water and air quality, manage solid waste, promote renewable energy and mitigate climate changes. Environmental engineers use elements of biological, chemical, civil and mechanical engineering to manage natural resources sustainably to promote overall environmental health.

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Bachelor of Science in Data Science

Be at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement around robotics, computing systems, artificial intelligence, hardware and software. Tackle complex problems and implement solutions that change our daily lives. Combine foundational coursework with technical applications through undergraduate research, collaborating with other engineering departments and programs around campus.

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Graduate Certificate in AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the way we process information and understand the world. Learn the fundamentals of this in-demand field with a graduate-level Certificate in AI and Machine Learning through the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Mizzou Engineering.


Graduate Certificate in Construction Management

Learn the fundamentals of the construction industry with a graduate-level Certificate in Construction Management through the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Mizzou.

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Certificate in Media Technology and Design

Learn to design and edit all forms of media. Design 2D and 3D animation, create visual environments, and explore a range of media post-production principles in color manipulation, audio engineering, and video editing. The Information Technology Program at Mizzou Engineering offers this program to prepare students for the exciting world of media creation and design.

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Certificate in Information Systems and Technology

Boost your understanding of computers, networks and technology with a Certificate in Information Systems. This certificate is a joint program between the Information Technology Program at Mizzou Engineering and the School of Information Science and Learning Technology.

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Certificate in Web and Mobile Applications Development

Learn to develop web and mobile applications with a Certificate in Mobile and Web App Development. The Information Technology program at Mizzou Engineering offers this innovative program that prepares students to apply design and coding practices for mobile application development and deployment.

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Certificate in Cybersecurity

Learn to detect, prevent and analyze cyber security attacks with a Certificate in Cybersecurity from the Information Technology Program at Mizzou Engineering.