Mizzou Engineering duo presents at national ASEE conference Open Image

Mizzou Engineering duo presents at national ASEE conference

Alaaeldin Elsisi and Hesham El-Emam participated in the GEM-ASEE Doctoral Engineering Research Showcase, hosted by the American Society for Engineering Education, on Jan. 22 and 23 in Washington, D.C. The Showcase is a unique event which invites “doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, and new faculty to display their leading-edge technical research and connect with potential agency sponsors […]

Mizzou freshmen compete in Engineering Olympics

A total of 10 student teams made up of participants in Mizzou Engineering’s Freshmen Interest Groups (FIGs) gave presentations in an attempt to take top honors in December’s Engineering Olympics. Out of those ten teams, the top honors ended up going to the team of Anna Merkel, Samantha Sample and Justin Lannin. This year’s edition […]

Leading the way

Hani Salim, associate dean of academic programs and C.W. LaPierre Professor of civil and environmental engineering, will be one of four participants from MU in the Southeastern Conference Academic Leadership Development Program.

Dean Loboa announces four leadership appointments

Elizabeth Loboa, the dean of the College of Engineering, recently announced the appointment of three faculty members to new leadership positions — Sheila Grant, Hani Salim and Cerry Klein. Associate Dean Steve Devlin also will continue in his role.

Faculty profile: Hani Salim

An engineering career in which explosives play a key role, even if the work involves minimizing their destructive impact, is the stuff that fuels most boys’ dreams: the noise, the percussion, the fire and smoke. And though Hani Salim’s work in blast retrofit and explosion-resistant design of structures is just such a dream come true, […]

Timber bridge team wins “most practical design”

Wooden bridges have largely gone the way of horse drawn carriages, both replaced with innovations arising from the industrial revolution, though arguably a better case can be made for a car in every garage than for a span of cold steel over every stream. Just ask the folks at Southwest Mississippi Resource Conservation and Development, […]

College of Engineering researchers aim to deter bridge terrorism

Government officials have long acknowledged America’s vulnerability to terrorist attacks on the national transportation system. Backed by federal funding, Mizzou Engineering researchers are coming up with ways to protect against such attacks. Sam Kiger, an MU civil and environmental engineering professor who has focused throughout his career on designing structures to withstand explosions, is leading […]

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