media production


Gubera puts technology skills to work as co-producer of full-length feature film

When he wasn’t teaching visual effects and design at Mizzou Engineering, Chip Gubera has spent the past three years co-producing a full-length film featuring a Columbia landmark.


Early study finds viewers may not pick up on mathematical, analytical color cues

Information Technology Program Director Brian Maurer is studying how people interpret color palettes in media.

Persephone Suits

Engineering Students Help Create TV Production

Scene: In the not-too-distant future, a digital artist creates a machine that integrates with the biometrically-attached technology imbedded in most of the population—cell phone technology implanted in a person’s arm and Google glasses for one’s eye. Her machine pulls all of the data from these imbedded devices to create art. When the artist’s sister, a software engineer, attends her sister’s art opening, something goes wrong, affecting people who had integrated with the machine—they seem to shut down and become incapacitated. The Chief Magistrate is called in to investigate….That’s the premise of a television pilot being produced by filmmaker and Assistant Professor of Practice Brian Maurer in the Information Technology program.