Gubera honored with MU Connect Champions Award

August 29, 2022

Portrait: Chip Gubera

Chip Gubera

Christopher “Chip” Gubera, associate professional practice professor and director of undergraduate studies in the IT Program, has been selected to receive a 2022 MU Connect Champions Award. from the MU Office of Undergraduate Studies.

MU Connect brings together students, faculty and staff to best support students. The 2022 MU Connect Champions Award recipients model the importance of, and efficiency in, using MU Connect as part of the Mizzou’s commitment to student success.

In a story announcing the winners, the Office of Undergraduate Studies commended Gubera for regularly connecting with students to set an example for his team.

“I use MU Connect how it’s meant to be used,” Gubera said. “It gives us chances, as teachers, to look at our grade books and communicate with our students.”

This consistency provides Gubera the opportunity not just to raise flags, but to give student kudos.

“I’ve had students write me an email in response to a kudos that I’ve sent them,” he said. “Students have said things such as, ‘Wow, I was having a bad day, and this really cheered me up. Thank you. I love your class!’ That student will then participate even more in the class going forward.”

MU Connect succeeds in reaching students with a system Gubera advocates for.

“I am a real fan of MU Connect,” Gubera said. “I really think it’s a great system. I tell my faculty to use MU Connect all the time; that this is a good service the university provides.”

Read more about the 2022 MU Connect Champions in this story by Megan Sauls Wilson on the MU Office of Undergraduate Studies website.