Multicultural Engineering Program

The Multicultural Engineering program is aimed towards the recruitment and support of engineering students who come from diverse backgrounds with the purpose of fostering an inclusive environment and community in the College of Engineering. This program helps students to succeed throughout their college careers by fostering a holistic support network between students, faculty and staff. Scholarships of $1,000 to $5,000 are awarded to new students in engineering each year with funds from generous companies, alumni and friends of the college.

The MEP Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit (GPA and ACT/SAT score) and financial need. They are renewable for three years based on MU academic performance

To qualify for scholarships, incoming freshmen must:
  • Be enrolled as a full-time Mizzou engineering student starting the fall semester after high school graduation
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Complete the MU Financial Aid General Scholarship Application through ScholarshipUniverse by the Dec. 1 deadline and each subsequent year by the January deadline
MEP Scholarship recipients are required to:
  • Join an engineering student organization within the first year at Mizzou and remain in an organization until graduation with the end goal of holding a leadership position
  • Must be enrolled in the College of Engineering, be in good standing, and must follow a College of Engineering program during each semester in which you receive a scholarship payment
    • A College of Engineering course load is defined as the following:
      • Full-time enrollment
      • At least one required math or statistics course in your program of study
      • At least three credit hours in science or engineering courses, which must count toward your degree program
      • Students who have completed the math requirements for their degree must take two or more science or engineering courses per semester totaling a minimum of six hours
  • Attend no fewer than three MEP workshops/seminars each semester
  • Write a thank-you letter and submit a student profile for your scholarship donor, and attend the fall Scholarship Dinner if your donor attends

To apply, fill out the MU Financial Aid General Scholarship through ScholarshipUniverse.