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GAANN Fellow Garrett Robison

IMSE GAANN Testimonial

Learn more about IMSE GAANN Fellow Garrett Robison and his research at Mizzou Engineering.

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Anup Mishra

The impactful research projects at the CERT lab and the presence of a multidisciplinary health care research ecosystem at Mizzou were the primary reasons why I chose Mizzou for my graduate program. Also, the beautiful campus, the presence of a strong international student population, and the historic traditions at Mizzou were some of the other reasons why Mizzou was on top of my list.

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Bryce Murray

One of my proudest accomplishments was aiding Dr. Anderson in building out the MINDFUL lab which now includes a fleet of drones, and almost every modality of sensor imaginable.

Portrait: Sarina Gaines

Sarina Gaines

"When I first started at Mizzou the future seemed obscure and I was not sure how I could ever be qualified for a technical career. However, nearing graduation, I feel confident in my skills and knowledge and know that I am prepared to take on a job in the field of Information Technology."

Portrait of Heather Graham

Heather Graham

'There are so many amazing people and opportunities here'

Portrait of Omiya Hassan

Omiya Hassan

'Mizzou provides great assistantships for international graduate students'

Portrait of Jian Kang

Jian Kang

Praises state-of-the-art research environment

Portrait of Alex Morehead

Alex Morehead

'I chose Mizzou for the university's global reputation for innovative research'

Portrait of Caleb Heinzman

Caleb Heinzman

'I chose Mizzou for it’s incredible breadth of opportunities'

Portrait of Ashkan Mirzaee

Ashkan Mirzaee

'Being a PhD student is not always an easy job, but it was my dream and Mizzou let the dream come true.'