Fall 2019 Seminar Series - Mizzou Engineering

Tuesday, Aug. 27
  • “Controlled synthesis of biomaterials for the treatment of cancer and infectious disease”
    Anthony Convertine, Missouri University of Science & Technology
Tuesday, Sept. 3
  • “Growth mechanisms of lithium metal dendrites in liquid and solid electrolytes”
    Peng Bai, Washington University in St. Louis
Tuesday, Sept. 19
  • “A multi-dimensional approach to explore entrepreneurial opportunities of biomedical, biological and chemical engineering in food systems”
    Kathleen Liang, North Carolina S&T
Tuesday, Oct. 1
  • “Using light to fabricate, interrogate and activate nanostructured materials and interfaces”
    Andy Hillier, Iowa State University
Tuesday, Oct. 8
  • “Tunable semiconductive polymers: decoupling of critical properties via statistical copolymerization”
    Michael Minkler, Auburn University
Tuesday, Oct. 15
  • “Tackling CO2 issues by chemical conversion and by reducing CO2 emission”
    Part of the Henry H. Bent Distinguished Lecture Series
    Jingguang Chen, Columbia University
Tuesday, Oct. 29
  • “High-energy li- and na-ion batteries enabled by advanced materials”
    Chris Johnson, Argonne National Laboratory
Tuesday, Nov. 5
  • “Manufacturing fit-for-purpose membranes from nanostructured polymers”
    William Philip, University of Notre Dame
Tuesday, Dec. 3
  • “Peptoid microspheres: characterization 
    Shannon Servoss, University of Arkansas