Spring 2021 Seminar Series - Mizzou Engineering

Tuesday, Feb. 2
  • “Understanding the interaction between metal oxides and electrolytes for aqueous electrochemical energy storage”
    Xiaowei Teng, University of New Hampshire
Tuesday, Feb. 16
  • “AI in biomedical science: maintaining perspective in the face of sensationalism”
    David Holmes
Tuesday, March 2
  • “Physics-driven and data-driven methods for accelerated cardiac MRI
    Changyu Sun
Tuesday, March 9
  • Mapping drivers of pathological cognitive aging using PET and MRI”
    Udunna Anazodo
Tuesday, March 23
  • “Dynamics and rheology of conductive particles in concentrated suspensions under an electric field”
    Jae-Sung Park, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Tuesday, April 13
  • “Sensitivity of river temperature to climate and other drivers of change”
    David Hannah
Tuesday, April 27
  • “Application of In Situ and Ex Situ Characterization of atomic layer deposition processes for sodium fluoride and molybdenum sulfide”
    Elton Gaurgnard