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Guidoboni shares intersections of engineering, precision health

Associate Dean for Research Giovanna Guidoboni urged faculty across campus to partner with Mizzou Engineering as they seek to revolutionize health care.


NextGen Precision Health Discovery Series to feature engineering

Giovanna Guidoboni, Associate Dean for Research at Mizzou Engineering, will discuss ways engineers are playing a key role in medical advancements during a NextGen Precision Health Discovery Series talk.

Man working with device.

Clinical trial testing automatic oxygen control device for premature infants

Eric Stann / MU News Bureau The consequences are dire for the health of a premature baby — too much oxygen can cause blindness, and too little oxygen can cause brain damage and other negative health effects. Some premature babies need the help of life-saving machines in a neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU, to…

COVID-19 graphic

Professor Helping Develop Better Way to Diagnose COVID-19

A Mizzou Engineer has teamed up with a company to help develop a better way to diagnose COVID-19. Dong Xu, Shumaker Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, is working with a company applying nanopore sequencers to test DNA samples for the virus. Xu will then help develop a system to analyze the DNA data.

Portrait of Kwon and Kaifi

Mizzou Engineer Part of Research Team to Win Coulter Biomedical Accelerator Program Funding

A Mizzou Engineer was among recipients of the University of Missouri’s Coulter Biomedical Accelerator Program grants this year. The program awarded three grants totaling…

Graphic of red blood cells

Mizzou Engineers Help Develop Smarter Way to Diagnose Malaria

Mizzou Engineers are part of a global team developing a smarter way to combat malaria—a leading cause of death in the world. Now, they’ve outlined a two-step approach that will use deep learning to more accurately and efficiently diagnose the disease.

Portrait of Soumen Jana

Rebuilding Heart Valves Using Tissue Engineering

Assistant Professor Soumen Jana in the Department of Biomedical, Biological and Chemical Engineering wants to develop a different solution for heart valve repair. And the projected goal of this solution is a tissue-engineered heart valve that grows and works like native heart valves.

MU Health Care worker inspecting face shield

Locally Made Shields Protect MU Health Care Workers

In April, a volunteer group led by University of Missouri College of Engineering professor Kevin Gillis, DSc, met with MU Health Care leaders. The goal was to figure out the best ways to harness the talent of a cross-campus team of problem-solvers to make medical equipment to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Placement of final steel beam on NextGen Health Institute building

Alumni help build facility for the future of Mizzou research

Jennifer Sullivan is a facilities project manager on the University of Missouri’s planning, design and construction team. She played a role in early site development for the NextGen Precision Health Institute, the university’s newest research facility. The institute, a cornerstone of the University of Missouri System’s NextGen Precision Health Initiative, is expected to be completed by Oct. 19, 2021.

Portrait of Henry Wan

Flu researcher brings team together to tackle COVID-19

Professor Henry Wan has studied flu viruses for years, and he can assure you, coronavirus is not the same. It’s trickier. Less predictable And for many, deadlier. But there are insights scientists can glean from decades of research around the transmission of the flu. That’s why a team of Mizzou researchers is turning its collective attention to COVID-19.