Kangwon Seo


Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering name change reflects student outcomes, industry

Students graduating with degrees in industrial engineering at Mizzou go on to work in a variety of areas including healthcare, logistics, manufacturing and service.

cell phone with battery charge

Team develops new method to determine lifespan of lithium-ion batteries

A Mizzou Engineering team has devised a new way to determine how many times you can recharge a lithium-ion battery before it needs to be replaced. Lithium-ion batteries are common in electronics such as laptops, and they’re a key component to getting electric vehicles on the roads. They can be recharged hundreds of times, but…


Study explores ways to help emergency rooms better manage demand

A Mizzou Engineering team is proposing a model that could help emergency departments better manage unexpected demand.

Kangwon Seo Portrait

Mizzou Engineer Researching Predictive Maintenance with Aid of Machine Learning

Failing equipment, whether a dead car battery or paper jam, can ruin your day and alter your plans. Or a manufacturer’s production line fails for an unknown reason, causing delays in production, shipping and sales. Currently, there is very little to no warning given to address these problematic issues before they happen. However, Kangwon Seo, an assistant professor in industrial and manufacturing systems engineering with a joint appointment in statistics, is researching how machines can use predictive maintenance themselves to detect when they are going to fail.