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Nanoantenna project cements doctoral student’s place in research

What cemented Zach Thacker’s decision to pursue graduate school was the research he conducted. He first worked on some nuclear engineering projects, then got involved with the nanoantenna project. Thacker called the work for that project the moment “when he knew he loved grad school.”

NRC faculty development grant funds thorium research

A grant from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is being used to fund research conducted by Matthew Bernards, assistant professor of chemical engineering and nuclear engineering, with Pinhero serving as a mentor.

Lithium research earns first place prize

MU chemical engineering graduate student Misty Sinclair received first place for her presentation at the Central States Microscopy & Microanalysis Society (CSMMS) spring meeting. She presented this research on a poster and as a student speaker at the March meeting. The first place prize included an iPad mini.

Nanoantenna reinvents solar energy

The yellow dwarf star at the center of our solar system that reliably illuminates and warms this planet was considered a deity in ancient cultures. The science behind the sun’s energy only gradually occurred to the curious and the ingenious. Today, the ability to harvest solar energy is viewed as one of the foremost solutions […]

Chemical engineering student presents prize-winning poster

It is no small accomplishment to win the Chancellor’s Award in the Physical Sciences and Engineering category at the 2009 Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievements Forum. This year judges reviewed the posters of 140 undergraduates and rated them on theoretical motivation, context within each student’s academic discipline, mastery of the relevant concepts and presentation quality. […]

Engineering researcher seeking better way to reuse nuclear fuel

As the nuclear power industry expands, a Mizzou Engineering faculty member is researching technology aimed at cutting the cost of reprocessing nuclear fuel so it can be used several times. Associate Professor Patrick Pinhero aims to develop an electrochemical cell for reprocessing used nuclear fuel based on a low-cost alternative to the platinum required by […]

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