Industry Tours - Mizzou Engineering

Mizzou Power Plant


The Mizzou Power Plant is a fascinating engineering marvel that provides electricity and heating to the entire University of Missouri campus. A tour offers an up-close look at the cutting-edge technologies and equipment used to produce and distribute electricity, making it a must-see for any student interested in energy and sustainability.

Bur Oak Brewery


Bur Oak Brewery, located near Columbia, Missouri, offers a unique and educational experience for chemical engineering students interested in the science behind beer brewing. The brewery’s sustainable brewing practices and use of locally sourced ingredients make it an excellent example of efficient chemical process design. A tour of the brewery will provide an inside look at the chemical processes involved in beer production. For chemical engineering students looking to explore the practical application of their studies in a fun and engaging way, a visit to Bur Oak Brewery is a great option.

NextGen Precision Health


The NextGen Precision Health Institute is a state-of-the-art research facility at the University of Missouri that offers chemical engineering students an inside look at the latest biotechnology and precision medicine research. A tour of the facility provides an opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies in genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics, and to engage with leading researchers in the field. For chemical engineering students interested in the practical applications of their studies in the healthcare and biotechnology industries, a visit to the NextGen Precision Health building is a great way to gain insight into the future of precision medicine.