Student Technical Presentation Competition - Mizzou Engineering


To register for the Student Technical Presentation Competition, please go to the registration site and “purchase” (cost: $0) the “Register for Technical Presentation” product. You will get a confirmation e-mail if your registration was successful.

You may fill out the Technical Presentation registration prior to being registered for the conference itself, though of course you must eventually do both.


March 31: Registration for Student Technical Presentation Competition due (late registrations will be accepted only on a space-permitting basis)

April 5: Abstracts due (late abstracts will be accepted only if the program has not yet gone to print

Title and Abstract Submission

Your title, author list, and abstract should be submitted via e-mail to MU AIChE or directly to Dr. Hammond (MU faculty advisor) prior to the deadline above. Abstracts submitted after this deadline will not be included in the program if the program has already gone to press. Please do not miss this deadline. Early submission is strongly encouraged.

The body of the abstract should be no longer than 1,800 characters (about 260 words) or so to fit on the page. Abstracts longer than this limit will be edited to fit. We will try to send it back to you if we have to make edits, but the turnaround may be short given that we have to send this to the printer in advance of the conference.

Your e-mail message should look like this; you should replace the text in this color with your own information:

Your email message should look like this; you should replace the text in this color with your own information:

\title{My Abstract Title Here}
\author{Ivanna Winthecontest}
\affil{Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri}
\author{Linus C. Pauling}
\affil{California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California}

The text of your abstract goes here. Please limit the length of the text to approximately 1800 characters/260-ish words, or less if you have a really long title or authors with multiple affiliations.

You are free to use LaTeX markup if you know what that means. If you do not, just type everything in plain text, and if you need formatting such as italics, superscripts, mathematics, etc., that you do not know how to enter, either use HTML tags (which we can easily detect) or put a line marked “% FIXME” right above and below it, like so:

This is the
% FIXME this should be boldface
best place ever
to eat cookies, and I have
% FIXME this should be 2 to the 3rd power
2 3
times the number you do.

and that will alert us that there is some manual intervention required.

If you cannot figure out how to do something you want to do and get desperate, send a PDF and/or a description of what you want to do and/or what you want it to look like to Dr. Hammond and he will make it happen.


Presentations should be in a 16:9 (“widescreen”) aspect ratio. Presentations with other aspect ratios will be pillarboxed or letterboxed.

Students may present using their own computers, if desired. An HDMI connection will be available with adapters for USB-C, Lightning, Mini HDMI, Micro HDMI, and Mini DisplayPort connections. If you need another adapter, either bring one with you or notify us well in advance so we can secure one for you.

A backup computer will be available in the room. If you wish to pre-load your presentation onto the backup machine prior to the competition, please send it to MU AIChE by noon on April 13. Presenters are encouraged to export slides to PDF to avoid font substitution issues and as a backup.

Participants should arrive prior to the start of their session and should remain in the room throughout the session.

Presentations are allotted 15 minutes for setup and presentation and 5 minutes for questions.

Presentations will be judged by a panel of at least three judges. Winners will be announced at the banquet.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!