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Mizzou U.S. Navy and Marine Officers are some of the most well-respected men and women who serve our country. Superior benefits and excellent credentials are just a few enticements for becoming an officer. If you’re a high school student thinking about attending Mizzou, or a current university freshman or sophomore, with leadership skills and determination, you may be eligible to join the NROTC program and be commissioned into the Navy or Marine Corps following graduation.

The Navy and Marine Corps offer careers that match the talents and interests of just about everyone. And as long as you’re in the Navy or Marines, you’ll get top-notch training, exceptional benefits and the experience of a lifetime.

There are many career fields available following commissioning:

Naval helicopter
Aviation Officer

The Navy offers some of the world’s most advanced and comprehensive training in the field of aviation. Navy pilots and Naval Flight Officers (NFOS) are part of this adrenaline-seeking team, which maintains and operates more than 6,000 aircraft.

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Marine Officer

A second lieutenant’s career begins with his or her primary Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Every specialty demands mature, responsible leadership. As a Marine Corps Officer, prepare to be challenged physically, mentally, and morally. You will be leading Marines on a daily basis and they will look up to you.

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Special Operations Officer

Special Operations Officers are the experts and leaders in unconventional warfare. They quietly and efficiently destroy enemy targets and recover and dispose of explosives.

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Special Warfare

SEAL Officers are the experts and leaders in unconventional warfare. They quietly and efficiently destroy enemy targets and collect information on enemy operations.

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Submarine Officer

Submarine Officers command, manage, and operate the Fleet’s attack, ballistic missile, and guided missile submarines that patrol the world’s oceans, monitoring hostile enemy actions, intercepting electronic communications, and gathering information.

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Naval ship
Surface Warfare Officer

If you’re up for the challenge of inspiring a ship’s crew and being at the helm of million-dollar high-tech equipment, accelerate your life as a Surface Warfare Officer.

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For information on how to join, please contact:

Captain Connor Koukol, Marine Office Instructor

For general NROTC information, please contact the office at 573.882.6693

Office Location:
105 Crowder Hall