Faculty, Page 17

ChiRenShyu portrait

Chi-Ren Shyu

Director of MU Institute for Data Science and Informatics, Paul K. and Dianne Shumaker Professor

241 Naka Hall

Phone: 573-882-3884

Email: shyuc@missouri.edu

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

David Singh portrait

David Singh

Adjunct Professor

414 Physics Building

Email: singhdj@missouri.edu

MAE - Adjunct


Travis Sippel

Associate Professor

C3206 Lafferre Hall

Phone: 573.882.1657

Email: tsippel@missouri.edu

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Marjorie Skubic

Marjorie Skubic

Curators' Distinguished Professor Emerita

329 Naka Hall

Phone: 573-882-7766

Email: skubicm@missouri.edu

EECS - Emeritus | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Gary Solbrekken

Gary Solbrekken

Teaching Professor

E3421 Lafferre Hall

Phone: 573-882-5577

Email: solbrekkeng@missouri.edu

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Pavel Somavat

Pavel Somavat

Assistant Professor, Biological Engineering

236 Agricultural Engineering Building

Phone: 573-882-4533

Email: psbvb@missouri.edu

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Gordon Springer

Gordon Springer

Associate Professor Emeritus

EECS - Emeritus

Sharan Srinivas

Sharan Srinivas

Assistant Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Industrial and Systems Engineering and Marketing

E3437G Lafferre Hall

Phone: 573-882-7409

Email: srinivassh@missouri.edu

Industrial and Systems Engineering | ISE - Directors

Portrait of Gyan Srivastava

Gyan Srivastava

Adjunct Associate Professor

Email: gps8b9@missouri.edu

EECS - Courtesy

Kenneth A. Sudduth

Kenneth A. Sudduth

Adjunct Professor of Agricultural Systems Management, Bioengineering

245 Agricultural Engineering Building

Phone: 573-882-4090

Email: Ken.Sudduth@USDA.GOV

ChBME - Affiliated