150th Anniversary


150 Years of Mizzou Engineering: 2020 – Today

Our celebration of the 150th anniversary of Mizzou Engineering’s incorporation wraps up this month with a recap of recent years and a sneak peek of what’s ahead.


150 Years of Mizzou Engineering: 2000-2020

Our series exploring the history of Mizzou Engineering continues this month in the year 2000. As a new century dawned, the College experienced tremendous growth and expansion. Dean Jim Thompson worked to increase enrollment, creating a recruiting office and implementing statewide programs that promoted engineering opportunities to high school students and parents. Jim Thompson Thompson…

The information commons and library in the new engineering Laboratory and Classroom Building was 2.5 times the size of the previous library.

150 Years of Mizzou Engineering: 1990-1999

The history of Mizzou Engineering approaches the turn of the century with a new building, a new dean and new academic departments.


150 Years of Leadership: Joe Hoffmann

Call it fate, happenstance, coincidence or destiny, Joe Hoffmann, BS ME ’13, knows he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be. As General Manager at Hoffmann Brothers in St. Louis, he oversees operations of five divisions: residential and commercial heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical and appliance. Since he started in 2016, he’s helped grow company revenue…

Graphic with Steve Pelch portrait

150 Years of Leadership: Steve Pelch

Many successful companies in today’s economy depend not only on outstanding service and best-in-class technology, but also rely upon creativity, unique business models and go-to market strategies, pervasive marketing outreach, authenticity or a global perspective that embraces aspects of both science and art. Steve Pelch, BS ME ’87, understands this. That’s why billion-dollar companies hire…

Black and white image of man working on large satellite.

150 Years of Mizzou Engineering: 1980-1989

Our look back at Mizzou Engineering through the decades continues in 1980. After more than a decade of making a case for funding,…


150 Years of Mizzou Engineering: 1968-1979

Our series exploring the history of Mizzou Engineering continues in the year 1968, when William Kimel begins what would become a 17-year tenure as Dean of the College. Kimel became known for his collaborative style and had a keen interest in…


150 Years of Mizzou Engineering: 1946-1967

Our look back at Mizzou Engineering’s history continues this month during the 1946-47 school year. When we left off,…


150 Years of Leadership: Wade Foster

Wade Foster, IE '09, MBA '10, is co-founder and CEO of Zapier, a global company that connects thousands of applications.


150 Years of Leadership: Michael Melton

Michael Melton, Esquire, is often asked whether he ever uses his bachelor’s degree in engineering. After all, he’s had an extraordinary career as a businessman, having started his own company after working for years as a patent attorney. Melton (BS EE ’81, JD ’84) is Founder and President of MEM Enterprises Group which owns, operates…