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Radio operators class in World War II

150 Years of Mizzou Engineering: 1936-1945

Our series on the history of the College picks up in the mid-1930s.

150 Feature

150 Years of Mizzou Engineering: 1917-1935

Mizzou Engineering — like the rest of the country — was feeling the impact of world war in 1917


150 Years of Leadership: Jeanie Knuth

Jeanie Knuth, BS ChE '98, has changed the way we think about engineering "like a girl."


150 Years of Leadership: Jim Fitterling

How do you run a $55 billion company, find innovative ways to reduce carbon emissions worldwide, advocate for LGBTQ rights, combat racial injustice and help Ukraine — all while helping ensure the next generation of engineers are prepared for the workforce? We don’t know, but Jim Fitterling is doing it.


150 Years of Mizzou Engineering: 1906 – 1916

As the nation was progressing at the turn of the century — with both rural Americans and millions of immigrants flocking to sprawling urban areas seeking opportunities — so, too, was the College of Engineering finding its identity in the early 1900s.

Dome Lighting - Feature

150 Years of Mizzou Engineering: E-Week

From the blarney stone to St. Patrick's arrival by airship to lighting the Jesse Dome green, Engineers' Week at Mizzou has a long history beginning in 1903.

The Dynamo in Naka Hall

150 Years of Mizzou Engineering: 1872 – 1902

From electric ideas to a tragic fire, Mizzou Engineering surged ahead into the 20th Century.

GAANN Fellow Garrett Robison

IMSE GAANN Testimonial

Learn more about IMSE GAANN Fellow Garrett Robison and his research at Mizzou Engineering.


150 Years of Alumni Leadership: Tom Kline

Tom Kline knows about leadership. During his 34-year career at Pfizer, Kline served as plant manager before rising to the rank of vice president. Today, he's a consultant, author and racwalker.

Old Lafferre Hall

150 Years of Mizzou Engineering: 1849-1871

From the first engineering course west of the Mississippi to a wartime reshuffling, Mizzou Engineering got its start more than 150 years ago.