Mizzou SEDS rockets to a repeat Open Image

Mizzou SEDS rockets to a repeat

The Mizzou chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) is no stranger to building championship-caliber rockets. And their latest competition entry was no exception. Mizzou SEDS won the 2017 University Student Rocketry Competition. It marks the second consecutive victory in the competition for the MU Engineering student organization. The rocket Mizzou […]

Manufacturing a tasty cocktail Open Image

Manufacturing a tasty cocktail

Dan Batliner earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Mizzou in 1992, then spent the bulk of his career as a consultant in the water treatment industry. When an opportunity arose to become the co-owner of his own ethanol production plant, he took it. Actually, “ethanol production plant” isn’t 100 percent accurate. Much of […]

An RNAmazing research breakthrough Open Image

An RNAmazing research breakthrough

Understanding ribonucleic acid (RNA) and its chemical properties and biological mechanisms is a key area of focus in health research. RNA is critical in the processing and movement of genetic information and gene expression. The way RNA folds into various tertiary structures determines its biological function, and being able to dissect and alter that process […]

Mizzou freshmen compete in Engineering Olympics

A total of 10 student teams made up of participants in Mizzou Engineering’s Freshmen Interest Groups (FIGs) gave presentations in an attempt to take top honors in December’s Engineering Olympics. Out of those ten teams, the top honors ended up going to the team of Anna Merkel, Samantha Sample and Justin Lannin. This year’s edition […]

Capstone cultivates creativity in solving real-world problems Open Image

Capstone cultivates creativity in solving real-world problems

University of Missouri capstone courses are the culmination of years of undergraduate education, a chance for graduating seniors to bring the fruits of their labor to bear in one final course. Mizzou Engineering puts a twist on its capstone courses, frequently partnering with outside clients to give students the opportunity to tackle real-world problems. Take […]

Nearly 300 undergraduates lauded at Commencement Ceremony Open Image

Nearly 300 undergraduates lauded at Commencement Ceremony

Nearly 300 undergraduates celebrated their graduation from the University of Missouri College of Engineering at Saturday’s Commencement Ceremony at the Hearnes Center, taking their place as the next generation of Mizzou Made engineering leaders. A total of 283 students earned undergraduate degrees, to go with 101 students who earned master’s or doctorate degrees after completing […]

Flagging down a competition victory

MU Civil Engineering graduate students Zhu Qing and Siyang Zhang earned first-place honors for their poster, “Evaluation of Automated Flagger Assistance Devices in Missouri.”

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