Formula SAE


Storrs, longtime formula car fans, establish endowment for Mizzou Racing

Walter and Sharon Storrs have established an endowment for Mizzou Racing. It’s the College’s first endowment for a student organization.

Mizzou Racing and Mizzou Electric Racing cars

Mizzou Racing and Mizzou Electric Racing drive at fall competitions

Faster than fast and classic Mizzou—Mizzou Racing secured third place with their combustion car in Kansas at the first Formula Wheat event, hosted by the Kansas State Formula SAE team Powercat Motorsports, earlier this fall.


Once doubtful of his engineering abilities, Toler now soaring to the stars

As a freshman, Toler avoided engineering out of fear that it would be too difficult, but quickly discovered that what he was afraid was also what he enjoyed most.

First and Finest | Mizzou Homecoming 2023 Logo

Homecoming Tri-Director encourages engineers to attend Mizzou Homecoming 2023: First and Finest

Mizzou Engineer Annie Watson is serving as one of the Tri-Directors for Mizzou Homecoming 2023: First and Finest. We sat down with her and asked her to tell us a little about herself and what students can expect from this year’s festivities.

4-grid Upper left: mizzou electric racing team with car Upper right: Mizzou Racing with car Bottom left: Mizzou Electric Racing car Bottom right: Mizzou Racing car

A new era of formula car racing at Mizzou

Tigers in fast cars competed this spring in the Formula SAE (FSAE) competition at Michigan International Speedway, bringing home awards and beginning a new era of racing at Mizzou. Mizzou Racing’s car, #18, placed 17 out of 120 teams. The June FSAE competition was the first competition for Mizzou Electric Racing.

Formula car in front of the columns and Jesse Hall

Mizzou Formula SAE team speeds ahead of competition at national events

Mizzou Engineering’s formula car team attended two competitions in Spring 2022 and placed within the top 20 teams in each.