Guilherme DeSouza


Researchers training machines to recognize vocal fatigue

Diagnosing vocal fatigue requires an in-person consultation. But someday, a wearable device or smart app could detect vocal fatigue early and help sufferers prevent further problems.


Robotics Expert: New Type of Computing Needed for AI Revolution

Robotics have come a long way since Gui DeSouza was defending his dissertation on automated systems for automotive production lines in the 1990s. But he believes it will take a new type of computing before we see the lifelike robots made popular in science fiction.

Herd of black cows

Beef Producers Could Have More Precise Way to Manage Herds in the Future, Thanks to Collaboration Between Engineering, CAFNR

Beef producers in the future could have a more precise way to determine the productivity of their cattle, thanks to a collaboration between Mizzou Engineering and the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR).

Guilherme DeSouza portrait

DeSouza Serving as Associate Editor of Transactions on AI

A Mizzou Engineer is helping determine which papers to include in a new journal on artificial intelligence. Gui DeSouza, an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science, was appointed an associate editor for Transactions on Artificial Intelligence (AI) earlier this year.