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Assistive technology: the conjunction of man and machine

Assistive technology: the conjunction of man and machine

After graduating from the University of Missouri in 1987 with a degree in computer science, Darren Gabbert was hired as a graduate research assistant by MU’s Campus Computing, now the Division of IT. The work that he and others did to find innovative computer-aided learning solutions for persons with mobility, visual and learning disabilities grew […]

Innovative technologies take aim at functional disabilities

A number of exciting research projects aimed at increasing independence for persons with disabilities have resulted from a collaboration between Electrical and Computer Engineering Professors Harry Tyrer and Gui DeSouza, Darren Gabbert with MU’s Adaptive Computing Technology (ACT) Center, and students in DeSouza’s Vision-Guided and Intelligent Robotics (ViGIR) lab. In his position at ACT, Gabbert […]

Mizzou team focused on anti-IED surveillance system

A team of Mizzou Engineering researchers is seeking to develop complex surveillance software that would alert American troops to deadly explosives before they can be deployed. Most U.S. combat casualties in Iraq have been caused by explosive devices, according to Department of Defense records. Military officials have sought to thwart these improvised explosive devices-commonly known […]

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