Marching Mizzou

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Marching Engineers: Students heading to Macy’s Day Parade with Marching Mizzou

Planning to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Keep an ear open for the Missouri Waltz and an eye out for Mizzou Engineers. All 350 members of Marching Mizzou — many of them Mizzou Engineers — are headed to the Big Apple this month where they will perform in the parade and in front of a national audience.

Mizzou Engineering Student Ryan Deloney marched with the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps

Mizzou Engineering student explores passion for music with professional drum corps and Marching Mizzou

Ryan Deloney spent his summer touring with the World-Champion Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps before returning to continue his mechanical engineering degree and play trumpet with Marching Mizzou this fall.