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First water-based nuclear battery developed at MU

Think about how many devices you come across each day that are battery powered. The list is almost endless, and for that reason, researchers and scientists constantly are searching for the next big improvement, the next battery breakthrough.

Fifth Missouri Tech Expo gives ideas a space to shine

The University of Missouri hosted the 5th Annual Missouri Technology Expo on October 16, serving as a forum allowing researchers and MU startups to pitch technologies and business plans to an audience of entrepreneurs, investors and technology companies.

Research solves fundamental inkjet problem

After more than 100 years of research, inkjet-printing technology reached consumer markets in the form of desktop printers in the late 1980s. In recent years, innovative applications for the technology — also known as microfluidic systems — have burgeoned including 3D prototype printing processes for business and industry, bio-applications such as printable human tissues, solar […]

Electrical engineering sophomore lands prestigious internship

Feeling deflated after he was declined a summer internship for which he thought he would be a shoe-in, junior electrical engineering major Jeff Piersol was set to lower his expectations. But his research mentor, assistant professor Jae Kwon, suggested that he apply to the national labs. “I am interested in doing something this summer that […]

ECE sophomore receives NIST fellowship

Even while on winter break, electrical and computer engineering sophomore Andrew Haddock’s mind was on how to productively spend his summer vacation, searching online for possibilities. “When I came across the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Web site, the program looked incredible,” said Haddock. “I thought it was exactly what I should be […]

Paper on nuclear battery rated as outstanding at conference

Story by: Jashin Lin Very small batteries for very small devices are the subject of Mizzou Engineering professor Jae Kwon’s recent paper submitted to the 15th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems (also known this year by its snappier name, Transducers 2009). The paper was awarded the honor of being selected as “outstanding […]

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