Mert Korkali


Korkali solving challenges around power grids as energy demands rise

From electric vehicles to electric heat pumps, Americans are plugging in more than ever. While that’s reducing emissions, it’s also creating increased demand on power grids — which are already more susceptible to blackouts as extreme weather becomes the norm. That’s where Mert Korkali comes in. Korkali is an assistant professor in electrical engineering and computer science, and he studies sophisticated approaches to upgrading and securing power grids.

Portrait of new faculty

Mizzou Engineering welcomes 14 new faculty members

Mizzou Engineering welcomed 14 new faculty members, including 11 tenure-track faculty who bring expertise in areas such as pollution remediation, manufacturing and computational material science. “We’re excited to bring in this group of educators and researchers who will make tremendous contributions to the College,” Dean Noah Manring said. “Students will, no doubt, benefit greatly from…