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Doctoral student Bujingda Zheng uses a 3D printing and laser process to manufacture multi-material, multi-layered sensors, circuit boards and textiles with electronic components.

No assembly required

Innovative 3D printing method developed by Mizzou Engineering doctoral student streamlines multi-materials manufacturing.


Mizzou Water Center receives more than $700,000 in EPA seed grant funding

Cross-disciplinary researchers to look at water quality, quantity issues through eight research and education projects at the Missouri Water Center.

Baolin Deng in lab

Helping safeguard a new reservoir in north central Missouri

Researchers at the Missouri Water Center have been awarded a $5 million grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for sustainable water management. They’ll use the funds to ensure that the water remains safe as the basin fills.


Ask a Mizzou expert: Why do potholes form on roads?

As the nation’s drivers zig and zag to try to avoid potholes, University of Missouri expert Punya Rath explains the science behind these street craters. A member of the Mizzou Asphalt Pavement and Innovation Lab (MAPIL), Rath specializes in researching asphalt materials.

Left to right, alumnus Jesse Kremenak, M.S. '13, Ph.D. '17, discusses business plans with Kremenak NanoTech product manager Matthew Burkhardt and research and development manager Chris Babayco at the MU Life Science Business Incubator. Photo by Abbie Lankitus

Hatching high-growth ventures

Faculty at leading research, land-grant institutions like the University of Missouri juggle many roles. They teach and mentor students, write grants, conduct research, publish their work and engage the public.


Mizzou researcher develops next-generation hydrogen sensors

A new University of Missouri researcher is developing next-generation sensors that could be key to using hydrogen as a clean energy source in the future.


Rao receives ICDE Outstanding Reviewer Award

Praveen Rao Mizzou Engineering’s Praveen Rao has received a 2024 Outstanding Reviewer Award from the 40th Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE).


An important step forward in the future of self-health monitoring

Zheng Yan and a team of researchers at the University of Missouri have made a significant breakthrough in their ongoing development of an on-skin wearable bioelectronic device. The key feature: wireless charging — without batteries — through a magnetic connection.

Campbell Sweet

Sweet receives prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Campbell Sweet, a PhD student in chemical engineering, has received a 2024 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRF). Sweet is currently in the first year of her PhD program at Mizzou, conducting research under the mentorship of Professor Patrick Pinhero. The award covers three years of a graduate program.


Jianlin “Jack” Cheng named 2023 AAAS Fellow

Jianlin “Jack” Cheng, a Curators’ Distinguished Professor in the College of Engineering and a NextGen Precision Health initiative researcher, was named a 2023 AAAS Fellow.