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Robotics Expert: New Type of Computing Needed for AI Revolution

Robotics have come a long way since Gui DeSouza was defending his dissertation on automated systems for automotive production lines in the 1990s. But he believes it will take a new type of computing before we see the lifelike robots made popular in science fiction.

Movie scene with corresponding color palette.

Mizzou Engineer Applies Love of Film to Color Research Project

Junior Josh Ward has always been a movie buff. So when he had the opportunity to use what he’s learned in his computer science courses to help analyze award-winning films, he was thrilled to get involved. Ward is now part of a research team looking into mathematically quantifying color palettes from 50 movies that have won an Academy Award or been runner-up for best cinematography over the past 10 years.

Goldwater Scholar recipients

Two Mizzou Engineers Named Goldwater Scholars

Two Mizzou Engineering students have been named Goldwater Scholars, making the University of Missouri the only school in the state with more than one recipient.

Kiruba Krishnaswamy Profile

Krishnaswamy Receives VentureWell Faculty Grant

Kiruba Krishnaswamy, an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical, Biological and Chemical Engineering with a joint appointment in Food Science (CAFNR), received a Fall 2020 VentureWell Faculty Grant, in a statement from the organization. This grant recognizes Krishnaswamy’s commitment to inclusive support of students who are creating innovations for positive social and environmental impact.

Zheng Yan

Detecting COVID-19 with a sticker on your skin

One day, a wearable, bioelectronic device could wirelessly transmit a person’s vital signs — potentially providing critical information for early detection of health issues such as COVID-19 or heart disease — to a healthcare provider, eliminating the need for an in-person visit while also saving lives.


Developing a targeted delivery system to treat cancer

In the ongoing battle to find ways to treat cancer, a team at the University of Missouri is addressing the problem from multiple angles, but with a precision approach. Cancer patients are often given chemotherapy, cancer-fighting drugs that kill cancerous cells and can also have harsh effects on healthy cells. But with recent developments in medical technology, researchers have started developing targeted approaches known as precision medicine, and the new treatments can cause less collateral damage to the body.

Chip Gubera

Film to Explore Grief in the Digital Age

Technology is changing the way we process grief as those who pass away leave behind social media accounts, text messages and other digital reminders.

University of Missouri historic columns

Lessening Noise Pollution Through Metamaterials

Those working in open office spaces may someday have a little more privacy, thanks to a new wall partition in the works at Mizzou Engineering. Guoliang Huang, James C. Dowell Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE), is researching the best acoustic metamaterials and structure component to create a new, thin, sound-proof multi-functional wall for open office layouts.

Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 12.54.54 PM

CAVE to Provide Immersive Virtual Experience

Imagine studying a protein by walking through its three-dimensional structure. Or researching traffic patterns by standing alongside a virtual highway. Or safely exploring the structural integrity of a house while it’s on fire. Mizzou Engineers will soon have the capability to do these things, thanks to a CAVE opening this year in Lafferre Hall.


Mizzou Cybersecurity Center Forms New Industrial Advisory Board

Mizzou Cybersecurity Center directors have assembled an all-star team of industry professionals to guide the future of research and education around cybersecurity strategies. The new Mizzou Cybersecurity Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) will help plan center activities, provide input into research and educational curricula and consider potential strategic partnerships between the center and their respective organizations.