Qingyun Huang


Huang excited to usher in new generation of power electronics, converters

As more homes, industries, and power grid systems utilize solar and other renewable energy, and more vehicle owners switch to electric vehicles (EVs), the need for power converters is on the rise. But right now, they’re still expensive and not as efficient and compact as they could be. Qingyun Huang is working to change that. An assistant professor in electrical engineering and computer science, he’s excited to help usher in a new generation of power electronics that are efficient, compact, affordable, and reliable.

Portrait of new faculty

Mizzou Engineering welcomes 14 new faculty members

Mizzou Engineering welcomed 14 new faculty members, including 11 tenure-track faculty who bring expertise in areas such as pollution remediation, manufacturing and computational material science. “We’re excited to bring in this group of educators and researchers who will make tremendous contributions to the College,” Dean Noah Manring said. “Students will, no doubt, benefit greatly from…