Tap Day


Two Mizzou Engineers ‘tapped’ into honorary secret societies

Two Mizzou Engineers were selected to join Mizzou secret societies at Mizzou’s 96th annual Tap Day ceremony on Friday.


Two Mizzou Engineers ‘Tapped’ for Mystical Seven Honor Society

Congratulations to computer science juniors Justin Agudah and Stephen Miller for being selected, or “tapped," to be part of Mizzou’s Mystical Seven honor society!

94th Annual Tap Day illustration

Engineers “tapped” for Mizzou secret societies

Several Engineering students were “tapped” to become members of Mizzou secret honorary societies at the 2021 Tap Day ceremonies.

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Engineering Students Inducted Into Secret Societies

Tap Day, when small groups of students are selected, or “tapped,” by fellow students to join one of six secret honorary societies, is a Mizzou tradition dating back to the 1910s. These honorary societies recognize new inductees’ commitment, service and leadership to Mizzou.

Lafferre Hall

Six Engineers tapped into secret societies on Tap Day

Five Mizzou Engineering students and one alumnus were chosen for induction into secret societies this year and were revealed at Friday’s Tap Day ceremony at Jesse Hall.