Expanding expertise, Michelle Atkinson earns degree in electrical engineering

Michelle Atkinson decided to become an engineer after beginning her career as a registered nurse. She saw how electricity and technology were affecting the nursing field, and decided to go back to school to continue learning and asking questions about how technology is impacting the world.


Inspired by faculty, Sally Chen earns degree in biological engineering

When finalizing her college choice, Sally Chen combed through two university catalogs and noticed something different about Mizzou Engineering: the bioengineering electives were more robust and flexible. That, and the fact she's lived in Columbia since fifth grade, sealed her decision.


Equipped with leadership skills, Jacob Dodge earns degree in civil engineering

Jacob Dodge grew up in a household full of Tiger Pride. Both his mom and older brother are Mizzou alumni, but he didn't decide to become a Tiger until visiting Mizzou Engineering and learning about the traditions, opportunities and facilities at the College.


Beginning a new chapter: Blake Miller earns degree in information technology

Blake Miller, originally from Pana, Illinois, chose to come to Mizzou because of its rich history and diverse opportunities that aligned perfectly with his academic and personal goals. He saw the growth of digital technology and its increasing significance to everyday life and realized that expertise in information technology is not just a career choice, but is a necessary skill set in the modern world.


Experiences pay off as Abigail Penfield earns mechanical engineering degree

Abigail Penfield has spent her time at Mizzou taking advantage of every opportunity she could find. She got involved in undergraduate research and numerous student organizations, including Mizzou Space Program, Mizzou Engineering Student Council, Society of Women Engineers, TEDxMU and Engineers' Club. Her undergraduate experiences have been out-of-this-world.


Ready to forge ahead, Jack Shultz earns degree in chemical engineering

At Mizzou, Jack Shultz has had the opportunity to explore a variety of academic interests including business and athletic training. He ultimately opted to combine his passion for math and chemistry and pursue a degree in chemical engineering.


Boundless opportunities: Frances Swayne earns industrial engineering degree

Frances Swayne followed her family members into STEM, choosing Mizzou because of its academic offerings and opportunities to meet a lot of students. Seeking adventure, she got involved in Engineers Without Borders. Wanting even more boundless opportunities, she opted to pursue a degree in industrial engineering—a flexible program that prepares students for a wide range of industries.


Fascinated by her field, Mary Todd earns degree in biomedical engineering

Mary Todd comes from a family of Mizzou Tigers. But she didn't just follow in their footsteps. Todd says Mizzou was undoubtedly the right choice because in addition to liking the campus, student involvement opportunities and proximity to home, she couldn't picture herself anywhere else. Looking back, she still can't.


Easley takes top spot at industrial engineering research competition

Senior Madeline Easley took first place in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering’s annual Undergraduate Research Competition.


Community service proves life-changing for Mizzou Engineering STEM Scholars

Want to see engineering coursework come to life? Need a way to release stress and anxiety? Want to transform your life? Get involved in community service. That’s what a group of Mizzou Engineering students have learned as part of the STEM Scholars. The program, funded by the National Science Foundation, is a holistic scholarship that includes not only academic support but also one-on-one mentoring and volunteer opportunities. STEM Scholars have packaged food at The Food Bank, picked up trash along the Missouri River and, this fall, painted the interior of a house for Habitat for Humanity.