Undergraduate Student Testimonials


IMSE Undergraduate Student Testimonial

I would recommend the IMSE program to any student who is interested in both business and engineering. The program is a lot of hard work, but the professors want you to succeed. You will finish with a competitive degree and highly sought skills. A final piece of advice - make a habit of going to office hours weekly and build relationships with your peers. I have met some of my best friends in this program!

Grayson Burns portrait

IMSE Undergraduate Student Testimonial

I recommend the IMSE program to any student with a passion for making a difference in the world. The coursework will challenge you and equip you with extremely relevant engineering skills. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Jordan Wieberg

Jordan Wieberg

'My CS & IT curriculum has me well-prepared for developing software in the professional world'

Portrait: Steven Coll

Steven Coll

"If you’re interested in tech at all, don’t be afraid. The IT program at Mizzou will be fun for everyone and helps with all resources you need."

Portrait: Sarina Gaines

Sarina Gaines

"When I first started at Mizzou the future seemed obscure and I was not sure how I could ever be qualified for a technical career. However, nearing graduation, I feel confident in my skills and knowledge and know that I am prepared to take on a job in the field of Information Technology."

Portrait of Kate Clemens

Kate Clemens

'Starting from my first semester in the College of Engineering I knew I had made the right decision.'

Portrait of Ashley Rolf

Ashley Rolf

'It feels more like I am pursuing my passions than a degree, and that’s what Mizzou IT is to me'

Portrait of Persephone Gloeckner-Suits

Persephone Gloeckner-Suits

'I would definitely recommend the IT program to prospective students'

Josiah Callaway

Josiah Callaway

'If you have any aspirations that fall in the realm of IT, Mizzou’s IT program can help you achieve them'

Portrait of Jacob Sokora

Jacob Sokora

'I would absolutely recommend the program if you want to be a software engineer'