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Mizzou Engineer bringing deep learning to protein prediction

Mizzou Engineer bringing deep learning to protein prediction

MU Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Professor Jianlin Cheng and Professor Amarda Shehu of George Mason University recently landed a three-year, $845,283 grant from the National Science Foundation to support their project, “Guiding Exploration of Protein Structure Spaces with Deep Learning.”

Completing the sequence: Doctoral student’s research leads to job in academia

The problem-solving methods and solutions found in computer science are some of reasons students like Debswapna Bhattacharya pursue the discipline. Not only are there numerous opportunities for a successful personal future throughout the world, but also the opportunities for discoveries in the field are infinite.

RNAMiner makes transcriptomic, genomic data analysis easier

Jianlin Cheng, associate professor of computer science, and doctoral students Jilong Li and Jie Hou recently developed RNAMiner, a website making it easier for those in the biological sciences to analyze genomic and transcriptomic data.

Success measured by academics

For some, the ability to turn personal success into lessons that teach others how to achieve the same success is the most rewarding. Such is the case for two alumni as both start their careers in academia.

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