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Students wearing VR goggles superimposed over Lafferre Hall. Photo illustration by Blake Dinsdale

MUVR: shaping tomorrow’s innovators

MU students are harnessing the virtual to train for reality. Austin Barr is working with his fellow IT and computer science majors to raise awareness of the University of Missouri’s Virtual Reality Organization (MUVR) across campus and open the club and the Collaborative Research Environments for Extended Reality (CREXR) Lab to students from all disciplines.

mechanical engineering capstone team before presenting

Mechanical engineering students develop airbrake system as part of capstone

Learn more about one mechanical engineering capstone project, during which students worked with their client, Mizzou Space Program, to develop an airbrake system to improve accuracy of rocket flight altitudes.

A screenshot of the capstone group's degree planner

Information technology students delve into web design with capstone project

The information technology capstone group set out to develop a degree audit program. Right now, IT degree audits can be a little daunting as students have numerous options to take electives around web and mobile app development, media technology, programming and cybersecurity. However, before they can proceed to advanced-level courses, students have to know which prerequisite courses are required.

Students presenting to Industrial Engineering faculty and IAB Members. From left, RJ Morrison, Jack Christian, Michael Talarico and Brennan Kiger; project outcomes slide

Industrial engineering students reconfigure workflow layout for local manufacturing facility

For their capstone course, students studying industrial engineering work with a client to develop a solution to an engineering problem. This fall, one group was assigned to work with American Air Filter (AAF) to reconfigure their production layout for one of the company’s products.

From left, Bryan Velazquez, Trey Casella, Jacob Dodge, Shelby Hick and Jason Long presenting project

Civil engineering students design walking trail as part of capstone project

This fall, one capstone group is working on designing a potential path for the Hinkson Creek Trail to propose to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and City of Columbia Parks and Recreation.

The group presenting their project. From left, Kathleen Groner, Paige Snider and Jack Shultz

Chemical engineering students complete AIChE student design challenge for capstone project

Each semester, chemical engineering capstone students complete the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Student Design Competition. The competition is held in the spring, so students in fall capstone courses solve a prior year’s challenge. This fall, students completed a challenge first released for the 2020-2021 academic year, for which they acted as a consulting firm working with a plant in Iraq to retrofit a toppings refinery in order to comply with environmental regulations.

From left, Sidney Moss, Isabella Parks and Rachel Solverud with prototype

Biological and biomedical engineering students redesign manufacturing process for vocal implant

This fall, one biological and biomedical engineering capstone group documented their project working with a surgeon to redesign the manufacturing process for a type of medical implant, showcasing another example of how a Mizzou Engineering education prepares students for their careers.


Salim named chair of Department of Engineering and Information Technology

Professor Hani Salim has been named chair of the Department of Engineering and Information Technology at Mizzou Engineering.


Explore opportunities at the Spring 2024 Mizzou Engineering Career Fair

Meet engineers and hiring managers from top firms and organizations. Learn about career opportunities. Firm up plans for internships and employment this summer. It’s all happening at the Mizzou Engineering 2024 Career Fair from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 22, at Mizzou Rec.


Mizzou Engineering celebrates graduates at December Commencement

More than 200 students graduated from Mizzou Engineering this past weekend. Interim Dean Praveen Edara joined Curator Robin Wenneker to confer degrees at the Saturday, Dec. 16, Commencement ceremony at the Hearnes Center.