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Mizzou Engineering paper among IEEE top 10 featured articles

A Mizzou Engineer's paper was selected as a Featured Article in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Transactions on Image Processing.


Tracking traffic crashes: Researcher, Missouri State Highway Patrol working to understand where, when accidents happen

In addition to potential injuries and property damage, traffic crashes can cause a lot of disruptions from making people late to work to delaying package delivery. A Mizzou Engineer is working with the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) to better understand when and where traffic accidents happen in hopes of minimizing those disruptions.

Rover on Mars

What’s the best way to land on Mars? Mizzou Engineering researcher compares top strategies

A Mizzou Engineer has compared five popular planetary landing laws, determining that at the moment, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Graphic of carbon nanotubes.

Team uses machine learning to predict the properties of simulated carbon nanotube arrays

A Mizzou Engineering team has spent the past couple of years developing a simulation model to demonstrate how carbon nanotubes can be produced without losing their optimal properties.


Mizzou Engineer developing an easier way to test produce for pesticide

Farmers in the future could have an easier way to test produce for pesticide residue thanks to the work of Mizzou Engineers.

Portrait: Jim Keller

Mizzou Engineers Take Transfer Learning Step Further in New Paper

Imagine having a self-driving car that is already trained to recognize road markings, street signs and other vehicles. Could you take what that car knows and tweak it so the vehicle could navigate the ocean, too?

Graphic of atoms and radio waves.

Mizzou Engineer Explores Challenges, Opportunities of Quantum Radar

A Mizzou Engineer was invited to weigh in on the “Opportunities and Challenges of Quantum Radar” for a prestigious magazine published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Jeffery Uhlmann published the paper with a co-author from the U.S Naval Research Laboratory in the November issue of IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine.…

Guilherme DeSouza portrait

DeSouza Serving as Associate Editor of Transactions on AI

A Mizzou Engineer is helping determine which papers to include in a new journal on artificial intelligence. Gui DeSouza, an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science, was appointed an associate editor for Transactions on Artificial Intelligence (AI) earlier this year.

Giovanna Guidoboni presents her new textbook in front of a blackboard covered in equations

MU’s Guidoboni pens unique, interdisciplinary textbook

What do you do when there’s no textbook that fits the exact, unique nature of your course of study and research? You write your own. And Giovanna Guidoboni, MU professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and professor of Mathematics, did just that.