Student success S-STEM Scholar Amber Spriggs

150 Years of Student Success: S-STEM Scholar Amber Spriggs

Civil and environmental engineering's S-STEM Scholar Amber Spriggs is turning her passion for water resource engineering into a career to help solve global water problems.

Cyrus Loar - 150 Years of Student Success

150 Years of Student Success: S-STEM Scholar Cyrus Loar

Learn how first-year student Cyrus Loar benefits from being part of the S-STEM Scholar Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Mizzou.

S-STEM Scholar Eric Day - 150 years of student success

150 Years of Student Success: S-STEM Scholar Eric Day

S-STEM Scholar freshman Eric Day thinks his science and math skills match well with an engineering degree. Learn why he feels Mizzou Engineering and its community is a good fit for him and his future.

Lafferre with Columns in morning

Getting to Know Mizzou Engineering

From lectures and labs to clubs and study abroad programs, Introduction to Engineering (ENGINR 1000) helps new students learn about everything Mizzou Engineering has to offer. The primary goal of this class, which is offered each fall, is designed for those interested in pursuing an engineering degree but not sure which field to pursue. Freshman…